"All In All" - An Inspirational Writing for Saturday, April 11th

"All In All" - An Inspirational Writing for Saturday, April 11th

All in All

"Then comes the end, when Christ hands over the kingdom to the God and Father....so that God may be all in all." 1 Corinthians 15:24,28

 Since God is going to be "all in all" ultimately, and since He is always working toward that end, so that at any given point He is "all in all" to some of His creation, it is only reasonable that I should surrender to the desire God has of being "all in all" to me as well. But how can God really and truly become "all in all" to me?


If God is to be all in all in my heart and life, I must:


(1) Allow Him to take His place.

Let Him come to me in an abiding and unbroken fellowship, where in a very deep sense of His presence I experience Him in His power, in His love, and in His nearness. He must reveal Himself and the place He holds. Be quiet, and trusting, and resting, and the everlasting God will shine into my heart, will reveal Himself to my waiting soul, and make His presence a reality. Colossians 1:18

(2) Accept His will in everything.

Whatever the trouble, or temptation, or vexation, or worry, that comes, I must see God in it and accept it as God's will for me. There is nothing that comes to us but it is God's will for us, and if we learn to see God in it, then we bid it welcome. Troubles are messengers straight from Jesus with the messages of love we need. Ephesians 1:11-12

(3) Trust in His power.

If I will take my place before God as the weak, feeble, empty vessel I really am, He will fill me with His fulness and strength. I must learn to glory in the power of God working in me. It is in the quietness of surrender and faith that God's working is made manifest. Philippians 2:13

(4) Sacrifice all for His kingdom and His glory.

God can give us the kind of sight of His kingdom and glory whereby everything else disappears. The beauty and worth of life is that God is to me more that everything and that life is worth living only as it is given to Him to fill. Dear God, I sacrifice everything for your kingdom and glory. I am given up to You. Be my all in all. Matthew 6:33

(5) Wait continually on God all the day, day in and day out.

I must live always in his presence. That is what I have been redeemed for. I must seek for this: to come and live in the presence of God as one who waits on Him alone. There is indeed an abiding place in His presence, in the secret of His pavillion. God Himself will take me up and keep me there. I cannot wait on God unless I am in His presence. When I live in His presence, waiting on Him, the life I live will be His doing.  Psalm 25:5

May God be all in all!

(The material above was adapted from Andrew Murray's book, "The Believer's Secret of the Master's Indwelling," Chapter 13, "That God May Be All in All.")

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