Cape Cod Church
Capital Campaign Positions & Responsibility

Campaign Director - Organization: Bob Ripley

Overall organization of various pieces of campaign.

Campaign Director - Communication: Steve Lawrence

Oversee communication & distribution of campaign message and materials.

Campaign Coordinators: Sherry Lawrence, Sue Ripley

Assist in the details and overall execution of the campaign process.

Campaign Consultant: Rick Blue

Will share experience and expertise with our team and leadership on the operation of an effective campaign that first of all seeks to raise our faith in Christ. Will also speak at Cape Cod Church bringing an unique perspective and a challenge to live by faith as we give sacrificially.

Promotion Director: Tom Manchester

Oversee creation of promotional material working with Pastor and campaign directors.

Promotion Assistant: Jennifer Sayers

Assist in promotion director in the actual creation, proofing, and printing of material.

Video Team: (Alan Porter, Dave Souza, Sherry Lawrence, Bruce MacKilligan)

Creation of campaign video from concept to script, to final product.

Group Fellowships Moderator: Harry Fletcher

Work with Pastor in moderating and presenting at Foundation Celebrations. Takes part in communicating the path to involvement.

Foundation Celebration Coordinators: Kerri Santuosso, Betty Manos

Organize & oversee the Foundation Celebrations.

Foundation Celebration Host Homes: Ken & Suzi Lambrich, Joyce O'Connor, John & Donna Noonan

These families will host our 3 Foundation Celebration events.

Foundation Celebration Catering: Josh Zamira, Binh Phu

Oversee the food for each "Foundation Celebration"

Prayer Director: Dan Leader

Create & organize Family Devotional, and oversee 12 hour prayer event.

Pastor: Ben Feldott

Goal setting, vision casting to congregation, select campaign conversations, work with campaign team. Delivers message series tied to campaign.