The Cape Cod Church facility offers a state-of-the-art performance center with 1024 seats in the main Auditorium. Approximately 500 seats at lower level on sloped floor and 500 seats at upper level in stadium seating. Additional seats and tables at the “perch”. The stage measures approximately 20' x 50’.

Meeting Spaces

The main lobby functions as a community meeting space accommodating table seating for 125, and up to 200 auditorium-style.
The Loft Teen Center and Kids Town auditoriums can both accommodate approximately 100. Multiple smaller rooms can accommodate smaller groups.

Tower Cross

The Cape Cod Church spire is approximately 100' tall. Tower & Cross are constructed entirely of stainless steel. It consists of an 8' stone and concrete base, and a 72' tower topped by a slender 20' cross. The Tower is meant to imagine the mast and sails of a ship leading to the cross. The “sails" are constructed of a stainless steel woven wire mesh. At night the tower is lit by 12 Lumenpulse LED (6,700 lumens) color-changeable lights. The cross is lit by 4 Lumenpulse LED (1890 lumens) white lights.

Auditorium Sound System & Lighting


  • d&b audiotechnik XA line array and d&b 18A subs
  • Allen & Heath GLD 112 console at front of house
  • Allen & Heath ME1 personal mixers at stage
  • Shure wireless receivers, active antennas, and antenna distribution system
  • Audio Technica stereo transmitter for wireless in-ear monitor 
  • Waves Soundgrid and Multirack capabilities for sound system


  • Chauvet Intelligent Lighting
  • Vista S3 Control Surface


  • Single center screen – 19’8” by 11’6”
  • Center screen is 14k lumens (Twin 7K lumens Panasonic WXGA Dual-Lamp Single-Chip DLP Projectors)
  • Video distribution throughout facility via 55” & 42” HD Monitors
  • HD Projection, recording, IMAG, and live streaming via Sony Camera & Black Magic switching and video recording infrastructure.
  • Full HD 1080i facility 


  • The facility is WIFI-enabled throughout via Cisco/Meraki network