Frame – Realization of Significance – We Matter to God - Tuesday, July 28th

Frame – Realization of Significance – We Matter to God - Tuesday, July 28th

If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost? Matthew 18:12

All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the Lord laid on him the sins of us all. He was oppressed and treated harshly, yet he never said a word. He was led like a lamb to the slaughter. And as a sheep is silent before the shearers, he did not open his mouth. Unjustly condemned, he was led away. No one cared that he died without descendants, that his life was cut short in midstream. But he was struck down for the rebellion of my people. He had done no wrong and had never deceived anyone. But he was buried like a criminal; he was put in a rich man’s grave. But it was the Lord’s good plan to crush him and cause him grief. Yet when his life is made an offering for sin, he will have many descendants. He will enjoy a long life, and the Lord’s good plan will prosper in his hands. When he sees all that is accomplished by his anguish, he will be satisfied. And because of his experience, my righteous servant will make it possible for many to be counted righteous, for he will bear all their sins. I will give him the honors of a victorious soldier, because he exposed himself to death. He was counted among the rebels. He bore the sins of many and interceded for rebels. Isaiah 53:6-12

Today's thoughts from today's verses:

The shepherd searches for the one lost sheep because that lost sheep matters to him. The image of the lost sheep applies to every person. Before we can be one of the found (the image of the ninety-nine) we must recognize that we are lost (the image of the one sheep). Knowing that we matter to our Heavenly Shepherd can make all the difference in our genuinely wanting to be found by him. The continual "baa" of an actual lost sheep can be the difference between being found and not being found by an actual shepherd. Wanting to be found and calling out to our Heavenly Shepherd is essential. Knowing that our Heavenly Shepherd seeks us out because we matter to him can really help us to respond appropriately to him for the rescue he is seeking to bring about. Perhaps we have already been found but need to have the sense that we matter to God put more fully into place in our hearts and minds. Read through the Isaiah passage above again, keeping in mind the extent of what he was willing to go through to rescue us because we matter to him. We truly are significant to God and what a marvelous thing it is to be found and to be "in Christ" safe and sound forever.

Today's prayer response from today's thoughts:

Lord, it seems that I so easily lose sight of the great extent you went to find me who was lost so that I might be counted among those who are found. How could I be so blind to how much I matter to you and how much it cost you to redeem me back to yourself. I am “in Christ” and it is a glorious place to be. I am forever yours and I am forever under your amazing Shepherd care. I am so grateful that I matter to you. Help me to go forward as one who never loses sight of how much I matter to you. Amen!

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