Handling Well the Perils of Life’s Storms – Surviving A Personal Shipwreck - Monday, June 29th

Handling Well the Perils of Life’s Storms – Surviving A Personal Shipwreck - Monday, June 29th

Then we will not be as children any longer. Children are like ships thrown up and down on big waves. They are blown with the wind. False teaching is like the wind. False teachers try everything possible to make people believe a lie, but we are to hold to the truth with love in our hearts. We are to grow up and be more like Christ. He is the leader of the church. Ephesians 4:14-15

Today's thoughts from today's verses:

A ship at sea provides a great analogy for our life in this world. Each of us is like a ship at sea that sometimes enjoys clear sailing but at other times contends with waves, winds, and storms. Sometimes we contend well and sometimes we are thrown up and down. But also, like many ships down through the ages, we may even face shipwreck in the midst of storms. For some ships, even when there are no storms, a shipwreck can happen because conditions onboard ship become so severe. But then, sometimes a shipwreck is the combination of both the storm and the condition of the ship. 

We live in a fallen world where shipwrecked lives are common. Often, when they occur they are a combination of both external and internal factors. Sometimes the storm is inescapable and sometimes the ship is just not up to the onslaught. But regardless, in life, survival is always possible. When our lives fall apart, going forward and truly surviving our shipwreck experience can take place. This is what God is the business of doing. He will help us survive our experience of shipwreck by putting our lives back together and showing us how to live fully for him. This is the focus of our Devotionals for this week.

Today's prayer response from today's thoughts:

Lord, thank you for being willing to put my broken life back together and to help me learn how to live fully for you. Transform the condition of my ship (my life) and help me contend well with everything the sea (my world) brings my way. I am committed to living fully for you and I believe you will help me do it. Amen!

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