Healthcare Heroes


Funding Meals for the Frontlines

In these critical times, our hospital nurses, doctors and support staff are serving on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19. We are in awe of their sacrifice: working long hours, uncertain what each day will bring, often separated from their families, and risking their health to serve our community.

Healthcare Heroes of Cape Cod is a grassroots initiative, partnering with local restaurants and caterers to deliver the best meals to the teams at Falmouth Hospital and Cape Cod Hospital. These include professionals in the intensive care units, emergency rooms, and critical support functions.

You can help directly by sponsoring meals for our Healthcare Heroes. Every meal you sponsor will bring comfort to a healthcare worker, and show your appreciation for their work. And, importantly, your donations will also help support our local restaurants as they navigate closures and the financial uncertainty of the coming months. One gift - two blessings.

The Falmouth and Cape Cod Hospital staff welcome this support and have arranged for the safe reception and distribution of the meals. We begin Friday, April 10th through Sunday, April 12th with 50 meals delivered each night to Falmouth Hospital and Cape Cod Hospital (Total 100 meals). Your donations help continue the program past this date – every meal bringing comfort as the battle continues.

Individual and corporate donations are welcome, and 100% of all donations go to support Healthcare Heroes of Cape Cod. Sponsor a meal at $20 per meal, or fund an entire night!

Sponsor a meal here.

*This is a community wide project open to all and coordinated through Cape Cod Church.  For questions or inquiries please contact Mark McSherry -