One of the things we have missed about our weekly in-person gatherings is the chance to see your faces, to share a smile, to ask you directly how you are doing.  
Our guess is you feel the same way.

So this weekend, we want to try something new and fun: immediately following the 9am & 11am services, join us in a Zoom video call!  You will have the option to choose from several different lobbies, each hosted by some of our staff members, for a few minutes of seeing faces, sharing smiles, and hearing each other's voices. Make it even more fun by letting your friends know which lobby you'll be in so you can join together.

It's simple! Using your smartphone or computer with a web-camera:
-Click one of the links (the lobby will be opened by a host, who will then let you in)
-Type in your name
-Say hello!  You can even use the chat feature to respond to individuals or the whole group


Newcomers Lobby (Host - Pastor Ben & Anita McCusker)

Main Lobby I (Host - Tom Maine)

Main Lobby II (Host - Mark McSherry)

Family Lobby - For Parents and Kids (Amy Gaudreault and Leiko McSherry)

The Loft Lobby - For Teens 6th-12th Grades (Host - Alexa Franco)