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Teen Overnight Camp FAQs

This FAQ page is for questions regarding sr high and jr high camp. 

How are the facilities and student services?

One of the many benefits in taking our students to Gordon College is that we get to utilize the safety infrastructure already in place. The Gordon College Police Department and camp nurse will be available 24/7. The facilities (dormitories, chapel, dining halls, etc.) are beautiful. The campus will also have great dining options (with an awareness of food restrictions).

How is the combined jr high and senior high grouping going to be managed? 

Junior high and senior high students will have separate rooming arrangements and separate group games.

What will room arrangements look like?

Gordon College is split between boys and girls dormitories. Cape Cod Church will have boy and girl floors to ourselves. Students will room with others in their age group.

What are some activities at the camp? 

We will have access to: a rock wall, indoor swimming pool, rope challenge course, Gaga, Beach Volleyball, 3 indoor basketball courts, inflatables, soccer fields, nine square, paintball, etc.

What is the age range of students attending?

6th-12th graders (12-18yrs old) from all over New England (estimated: 500 students). This combined week with our junior high and senior high, will help us focus our energy into one AMAZING week. 

How do we register for camp?

Registration for camp will be open soon! 

Registration is done on an individual basis. Every person attending Engage Camp (Student pastors, counselors, campers and Engage Staff), must be registered to attend and participate. Registration includes a $50 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance, will be collected through Cape Cod Church.

How do you break down the cost of camp?

Engage Camps charge $265 for housing, food, student services, and programming. There is an additional local fee of $85 for transportation, adult leaders, and miscellaneous items. Bringing the total to $350.