Sunday, November 29th

Sunday, November 29th

Deep Six Study and Daily Devotional

Every preacher's dream is to see the truth he preaches lived out in the lives of those he preaches to and certainly this is as it should be. This dream is rooted in our Heavenly Father's desire that there would never be unlived truth in the lives of His people. Our church is dedicated to the purpose of helping people Live Fully, and one way we do that is to encourage a deeper study of the truth they hear on Sundays throughout the other six days of the week.  Accordingly, each week we provide (1) the Deep Six Study and (2) the Daily Devotional.

(1) Deep Six Study - accessed via "Discussion Notes" button located under the video message on the "Watch" page of the website. Printed copies also available at the Connect Desk in the church lobby. Note: the Deep Six Study is being done by Tom Main and will be posted below.

(2) Daily Devotional - The Devotionals are done by Ken Hart and are available online Monday through Saturday on a daily basis at or the "Daily Devotional" button at the bottom of the "Home" page. The devotions build on and expand from the Sunday message. It is our desire, our hope, and our prayer for this devotional section to be a useful Spiritual Life tool that our church family can benefit from throughout the year. Each day's devotional will typically consist of Scripture connected with the message, a commentary, and a prayer response. We trust the Daily Devotional will assist you as you seek to live out the truth of God's word on a daily basis.

November 29th, 2015

Christmas is Everything – “The Perfect Gift”


Opening (Colossians 1:18)

 Sometimes what we think is going to be “the perfect gift” turns out to be a disappointment
once it’s unwrapped – the wrong size, the wrong color, or just not what we had in mind.
 Our view of God can reflect that reality – we’re comfortable with a fuzzy, vague god as long as
we don’t have to unwrap who God really is – because we’re afraid we might be disappointed.
 This Christmas we’re going to “unwrap” who Jesus Christ – our God – really is, and what he
gives us. We’ll find out that he truly is “the Perfect Gift” – and we won’t be disappointed!

1. Authority: He Gives Us Direction (Colossians 1:15; Colossians 2:10)

 First and foremost, the Scriptures tell us that Jesus IS God, with supreme authority over all
creation. He therefore has authority to come into our lives and give us direction/instruction.
 We think we want to be in charge of our own lives – to have our own way – until we get to a
point where we don’t know what to do, can’t do enough, or can’t do anything at all.
 Without our Creator’s direction and instruction we can only follow our own appetites/desires –
which will always lead to eventual disappointment and pain. Jesus gives us that direction.

2. Power: He Gives Hope to the Hurting (Colossians 1:16; Psalms 119:153-154)

 Because Jesus has power over ALL things we can have hope. He’s bigger and more powerful
than any challenge, any disappointment, any hurt and any fear we might face – even death.
 This is the real beauty of “unwrapping” the gift of Jesus: discovering the hope he gives us.

3. Reliability: He Gives Us Company (Colossians 1:17; Job 38:4)

 Our “wrapped” image of God can be shaped by the people in our lives. We can easily believe
that He will leave us or fail us like people have – especially if our “performance” isn’t up to par.
 The Good News is that Jesus is eternal – and eternally reliable. He has been there since before
time, and his faithfulness does not depend on our performance. We can count on him to be
the one constant in our lives – for companionship, comfort, strength, and hope.
 When we turn back to him and trust him we find that he never ran, never changed, and never
stopped loving us – regardless of what we may have done. He is absolutely faithful.


Opening – John 1:1-3; Ephesians 1:21-23; Revelation 22:13
Point #1 – Matthew 28:18; Luke 4:31-32
Point #2 – John 5:24-26; Hebrews 1:1-3
Point #3 – Isaiah 9:6-7; Ephesians 3:18-19


1. What are some of the “unwrapped” (fuzzy, vague) images of God that people have? How does
modern culture reinforce those images?

2. Other religions (and popular belief) offer that Jesus was a great teacher, a good moral example, or
one of several prophets of God. Why is it critical to our Christian faith to recognize that he IS God?

3. Why do you think most people are resistant to the idea that God has ultimate authority over how
they live their lives? How would you present the argument that Jesus has the authority to give us
direction, instruction, even discipline?

4. Apart from Jesus, where do people go to find hope? If hope is what we’re all really seeking, what’s
the problem with finding it in something/someone other than Jesus?

5. In what ways do people allow experiences with other people in their lives to shape their view of
who God is? How can we overcome that tendency?

6. Many have an image of God as a judge who waits for us to mess up so he can punish us. How
would you explain to someone why “God’s faithfulness doesn’t depend on your performance?”

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