Sunday, September 13th

Sunday, September 13th

Deep Six Study and Daily Devotional

Every preacher's dream is to see the truth he preaches lived out in the lives of those he preaches to and certainly this is as it should be. This dream is rooted in our Heavenly Father's desire that there would never be unlived truth in the lives of His people. Our church is dedicated to the purpose of helping people Live Fully, and one way we do that is to encourage a deeper study of the truth they hear on Sundays throughout the other six days of the week.  Accordingly, each week we provide (1) the Deep Six Study and (2) the Daily Devotional.

(1) Deep Six Study - accessed via "Discussion Notes" button located under the video message on the "Watch" page of the website. Printed copies also available at the Connect Desk in the church lobby. Note: the Deep Six Study is being done by Tom Main and is posted below.

(2) Daily Devotional - The Devotionals are done by Ken Hart and are available online Monday through Saturday on a daily basis, accessed via the "Daily Devotional" button at the bottom of the "Watch" page ( The devotions build on and expand from the Sunday message. It is our desire, our hope, and our prayer for this devotional section to be a useful Spiritual Life tool that our church family can benefit from throughout the year. Each day's devotional will typically consist of Scripture connected with the message, a commentary, and a prayer response. We trust the Daily Devotional will assist you as you seek to live out the truth of God's word on a daily basis.


September 13th, 2015

Common Sense Academy – “Relationships”



 Relationships can result in the best times of your life – as well as the worst.
Proverbs provides many key insights into making relationships work as God
 Remember, though, that the Proverbs are wisdom – not magic. Relationships take
hard work, not just wisdom.

Point #1 – The Loyalty of Love (Proverbs 17:17 & 18:24)

 The Loyalty of Love is different from the “loyalty” of mutuality; mutuality is always
measuring – asking “do we match?” and deciding if it’s worth the effort.
 True loyalty shows itself in tough times; we all need someone who will not cut and
run when we don’t measure up or deliver what is expected.

Point #2 – The Sensitivity of Empathy (Proverbs 27:14, 25:17, & 12:10)

 Empathy says “what do you need?” – not just “here’s what I can give you.” The best
of friends listen, understand, and appreciate where we are in life.
 True friends recognize our weaknesses and help us deal with them; fake “friends”
are angered/irritated by our struggles and even try to take advantage of them.

Point #3 – Frankness and Flattery (Proverbs 4:6 & 28:23)

 Frankness seeks to build a friend up; flattery seeks to butter them up. One wants to
help you, the other wants to help themselves.
 We need people in our lives with the gift of edification – the ability to speak truth that
makes us better people. Edification encourages and corrects us.

Point #4 – Communicating in Conflict (Proverbs 18:7-8, 17, 19 & 25:9-10)

 How we communicate in times of conflict determines what type of relationships we
will be able to maintain for the long term
 We can never solve a problem by talking about it with the wrong people – especially
those who will flatter us. Talk only with those who are involved and those who can


Opening – John 15:13; 1 John 4:19
Point #1 – Proverbs 19:7
Point #2 – Luke 10:25-37
Point #3 – Proverbs 19:20 & 29:5
Point #4 – Proverbs 17:9; Job 32:3


1. Recall a time in your life in which a friend displayed the Loyalty of Love by sticking with
you when you were “unlovable” and didn’t cut and run. What was the effect on your

2. Some of our worst hurts and conflicts come as a result of our closest relationships
(especially family). Why do you think that’s the case?

3. Frankness (edification) can be very difficult for the receiver to accept. What are some
good tactics you’ve seen or used for making it a bit easier to swallow?

4. Gossip is a common sin – we’re all prone to it – that is highly destructive. Define
gossip and discuss why it is so common, even (especially?) in churches.

5. Recall an incident where you saw the negative effects of gossip on an individual, a
family or a church. Why is gossip so destructive?

6. What are some instances/events in the life of Christ that reveal the attributes of a good
friend? Once identified, pray that the Holy Spirit would work to make those attributes

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