The LOFT (6th-12th grade)

LOFT at HOME (during COVID-19) 

We believe being together matters. The LOFT is a space for students to discover how a deep relationship with Jesus could change their lives, their relationships, and this world. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we're continuing to create new spaces for students to form those connections. Here are some ways students can participate in the LOFT during COVID-19: 

Connect with Us


Tuesday Nights from 7-7:30pm join our youth director, Alexa Franco, on WebEx (a free digital platform) for a 15-minute devotional and opportunity to say "Hi" to your LOFT friends!  To join us: 

  • Meeting link:

    Click HERE

  • Meeting number: 625 091 919
    Password: LOFT


Follow us @theloftccc for daily content (ex. TikTok / video challenges, encouragements, & devotionals) for students. 


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