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About Faith + Work
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JR Tolkien’s little known but excellent book, Leaf by Niggle, tells the story of an artist who can paint beautiful leaves, but dreams of painting a tree. All throughout his life, he struggles to paint a tree without success, and as a result fails to find joy in his work. It is only after he dies that he discovers each of his leaves has become part of a tree in eternity–within the larger scope of heaven’s painting. 

All too often those of us who work in the marketplace fail to see our work the way God does. It’s easy to overlook the eternal impact of our work within God’s master plan, to see ourselves as partners in His creation. Partnering with God in this restorative work requires creativity and selfless leadership. We believe that these two attributes are found in all marketplace leaders who seek to make an eternal contribution to the world.

Faith + Work at Cape Cod Church aims to help marketplace leaders in our community to integrate faith-based principles into business, and take the next steps in their careers, through events & gatherings that foster mentorship; the exchange of experiences; and opportunities to connect with each other.

-Bryan Pearce, Faith + Work

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