As I look up to the skies above,

The stars stretch endlessly–

But somehow all those rays of light

Seem dimmer now to me.

As I watch the morning sun appear,

The shadows still don’t fade-

As if the brightest light of all

Was somehow swept away.

Though I see the branches swaying,

And watch their dancing leaves–

The echoes carried on the wind

Don’t sound the same to me.

As I listen to the morning birds

Sing softly from afar–

It seems to be a mournful tune

That echoes in my heart.

Another day has come again,

As time moves surely on–

But nothing now seems quite the same,

To know that she is gone.

The days and weeks and months ahead

Will never be the same–

Because a treasure beyond words

Can never be replaced.

The loss cannot be measured now,

The void cannot be filled–

And though someday the grief may fade,

Her mark will live on still.

For even with my heavy heart,

I know that I’ve been blessed

To have been one whose life she touched

With love and warmth so infinite.