By Greta Zwaan

My life is filled with service for family, church and friends,
The needs seem overwhelming, it simply never ends.
One friend is terribly lonely, and no one seems to care,
I try to see her often; her life seems dull and bare.

My other friend is crying, she’s struggling with her grief,
I listen to her story, which helps to bring relief.
My neighbor’s arm was broken when she fell in her yard,
And even doing dishes, she finds so very hard.

I’m glad that I am healthy, there’s things that I can do,
To make their burden lighter, to help to get them through.
But then an illness hits me, and suddenly I am down,
I fret and stew and worry, I just can’t get around.

But these folks need attention, I’ve got to help them through!
Then comes the quiet whisper, “I can do that for you.”
“My dear, you’re very busy, you’re running at full speed,
But you don’t seem to notice your own most private need.

Your time with Me is shortened; at best I get a glance;
You read the Word I wrote you, just when you get a chance.
It’s time for a refresher, it’s time for a review,
Your busy life is altered; now I take care of you.”

So quickly I remember, it’s God I set aside;
I scatter crumbs of mercy, but God’s Word is denied.
The time I need for gathering the gems it has in store,
My engine needs refueling before I tackle more.

God has not caused this illness; I know His hands can heal,
Yet on my bed of sickness, I know my needs were real.
A need that I be quiet and listen to Him speak,
His presence is more precious than good deeds that I seek.