Throughout the years and especially during this season of uncertainty, we have the opportunity to write a story of generosity.  The people of Cape Cod Church have joined in to support local non-profit organizations through volunteering and providing financial support. As the church has grown over the years, our ability to partner with these frontline organizations has increased significantly.

Here are just a few of the local organizations we are currently partnering with:

As a member of the oldest and largest suicide prevention network in the world, the local chapter of Samaritans provides emotional support to those who are lonely, depressed or suicidal.  Samaritan volunteers make a difference in the lives of callers every day by listening with empathy and compassion. The need for volunteer help has never been greater. Sign up HERE to learn more about Samaritan volunteer opportunities.

A non-profit membership organization that helps seniors live independently, safely and comfortably at home as long as possible by providing transportation, connections, check-ins, and more.  Cape Cod Church volunteers are actively connecting with and helping local seniors through Neighborhood Falmouth. Interested in helping out? Learn more HERE

Cape Cod Church provides ongoing financial support and volunteers when needed to other local non-profit organizations such as