Deep 6

Launching from Sunday’s message, “Deep Six” is series of 6 questions that take you deeper into the scriptures and deeper into applying the message during the week. Many of our Small Groups utilize this valuable resource. You can view and print out the questions and notes each week.


Are you ready to rebuild?
How do you want to come back?
After more than a year of disruption that’s left us a bit disoriented, discouraged and maybe even disappointed, we now have an opportunity… “Rebuilding!”
This could be just the moment God has been waiting for to create something new.
But how do we know… What to cut? What to keep? What to create?
This series will explore how we might go about creating a framework for finding where God is at work!


meant to be a new vision for being human

God offers us a vision for being human: people, the way we were meant to be. But that vision is often at odds with our desires… so God sent prophets.   
Prophets speak truth to power, and with a bold finger, point to a better way. They have the singular ability to see what is wrong, and what could be… and the boldness to say so.
Prophets aren’t always well-received: no one likes getting called out! But when it gets dark enough… when injustice prevails… when our way fails… we start looking for prophets.
Welcome to the prophets… and the way we were meant to be.