Deep 6

Launching from Sunday’s message, “Deep Six” is series of 6 questions that take you deeper into the scriptures and deeper into applying the message during the week. Many of our Small Groups utilize this valuable resource. You can view and print out the questions and notes each week.


hidden me

The hidden me…is a problem.
I don’t mean it’s a problem because someone might find you out. I mean “hidden me” is sabotaging what you want, what you hope for , and what God want’s for you.
Jesus’ “parable of the prodigal” is a Rosetta Stone of the human heart. Every corner and every character reveals a lesson about hidden me.
We start with a name, it’s probably not a name your thinking…but maybe you should be.

Past Sermons and Series


A New Year often bring with it renewed determination around things that matter the most to us. The desire to ‘become better’ is a common human experience—as is the frustration of the failed resolution. In a famous sermon, Jesus shows us the counterintuitive key to getting better at life. Lucky for us, it’s more freeing than anyone in the crowd could have expected.


As we continue the season of generosity at Cape Cod Church, join us for our Christmas series: Wrapped – the Art of  Giving.


I bet you know a good gift giver.  They seem to distinguish themselves not with extravagance but thoughtfulness.  The result of their gifts…delight.

This weekend we launch into a new series on the art of giving…Let’s call it “Wrapped.”

You know the story of Christmas, the virgin birth, the angelic choir, the shared stable, and the baby.  Behind that well told story is something     important about giving, and us, and God’s great plan.

Join us at 10am in-person or on-line as we discover the art of giving.


November begins our annual “Season of Generosity”!

At Cape Cod Church, we have a vision to give away $1M over the next three years: we want to care for people’s lives, both physically and spiritually, across the street and around the world. Each year we dedicate November to celebrating the impacts of your generosity.

Our church is on a mission to help people discover a full life with God, and during the next few weeks you will hear inspirational stories of how that is already happening—and how you can be a part of it! Come celebrate these “signs of life” with us.