Internship Program Details

The Basics

The Cape Cod Church summer internship program runs for ten weeks, starting Tuesday, June 1st and ending Monday, August 9th. In 2021, we are excited to offer four open positions.   

Applications for consideration are due Monday, March 22nd by 12pm and can be completed through our online form. However, Cape Cod Church will review applications on a rolling basis: if you are a college student with a looming practicum deadline, we recommend you note this in your application.

Interested in growing your gifts for ministry and at the same time being a part of what God is doing in the local church? Read below for more information, and apply today!

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality experience that will stretch you in practical ways, encourage you to grow in your faith, and leave with you a greater understanding of what local church ministry entails. 

Summer Interns at Cape Cod Church can expect: 
  • Daily opportunities to work collaboratively with each other, other staff members, and volunteers.
  • Opportunities to utilize any AV/SFX, social media, and other tech skills they already have.
  • Rigorous leadership training and development. Access to and training from forward-thinking leaders and change agents in the marketplace (explore the Leadership Coaching page).
  • Multiple opportunities to experience the full breadth of what local church ministry entails.

Testimonials From Past Interns

Pastoral/Church Ministry Intern

We believe that the church is a localized expression of God’s love for people, and are passionate about reaching those who are far from God. Over 50 percent of our current attenders report they did not go to a church before attending Cape Cod Church, a reflection of that passion.

As a pastoral intern, you will be trained in shepherding the spiritual development of individuals, operating the management side of running a church, and developing your sermon preparation and speaking skills.  The pastoral intern will work closely with Director of Spiritual Development Tom MaineExecutive Director Mark McSherryYouth Pastor Alexa Franco as well as Senior Pastor Ben Feldott.

We are committed to working closely with our pastoral intern to help develop skills in whichever area of pastoral care he/she is interested. Including but not limited to the focus areas of senior pastor, youth, and children (full description of children’s ministry responsibilities can be found below).

Potential responsibilities include:

  • Leading and teaching in an adult discipleship (small group) setting
  • Leading and teaching in a youth discipleship setting
  • Developing sermon prep, writing, and delivering skills
  • Developing small group ministry promotional materials and schedules
  • Writing a weekly small group study (discussion notes) from the Sunday sermon
  • Coordinating and assisting with guest assimilation events
  • Participating in our prayer ministry
  • Main-stage speaking opportunities
  • Other duties as assigned
Church Admin/Management Intern

At its core, Cape Cod Church is a friendly and welcoming place, and that starts with our staff! Although we can appear to be a “big” church, we are a close-knit congregation. Church administration provides a bridge between the new visitor and the initial Cape Cod Church experience.  As a church administration intern, you will play a critical role in promoting one of our key staff values: “People-focused Innovation.”

Potential responsibilities include:

  • Professional front-line support to office administrator
  • Assimilation tasks that welcome our new visitors
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Developing our weekly service bulletin
  • Helping organize special events
  • Managing volunteers 
  • Updating database information
  • Other duties as assigned
Worship Intern

Music helps connect the head and the heart. At Cape Cod Church, we are passionate about proclaiming the Gospel through song, and helping individuals experience God’s love more fully through worship. As a worship intern, you will have the opportunity to help fulfill that mission both at the planning and performance stages.

This intern will work side-by-side with Worship Pastor Alan Porter to prepare for our adult and youth services.

Potential responsibilities include:

  • Developing worship sets and leading practices with the Cape Cod Church worship band and singers
  • Creatively leveraging technology in our worship services (video, music, lighting)
  • Developing and leading a worship band for our youth group (The Loft)
  • Other duties as assigned
Church Production Intern
(Audio-Video-Lighting, Livestreaming, Videography, Photography)

In the past year, we all have realized the importance and power of technology in helping us stay connected, and that is no less true within the church.

The Church Production intern would work with Worship Pastor Alan Porter to help prepare and produce content for Sunday services, Loft services, and other ministry areas and promotional pieces as necessary.

Ideally, this intern would have some experience with AVL, video shooting/editing, and basic photography. They will walk away with hands-on experience in all these areas and more, including live-streaming services.

Potential responsibilities include:

  • Be a part of the creative team with focus on development and production of Sunday morning experience
  • Creatively leveraging technology in our worship services (video, music, lighting)
  • Using technology to help promote various ministry areas
  • Work with livestream technology across a variety of platforms
  • Produce video content
  • Other duties as assigned
Kids Ministry Intern

Studies show that the most effective time to reach a person with the good news of Jesus Christ is when they are young; specifically, before they hit their teenage years. This is the age when we can have the most impact on affecting long term cultural change and developing good habits that can have a positive effect on mental health. The world knows this. The advertising industry certainly know this. As Christ followers, we cannot afford to undervalue this age group! 

As Children’s Ministry intern, you will work with both Park Director, Amy Gaudreault, and Kids Town Director, Leiko McSherry to get hands on experience and see what it takes to run a thriving children’s program.

Potential responsibilities include: 

  • Managing volunteers, communications, and scheduling
  • Helping to develop and execute Sunday programming
  • Program prep throughout the week
  • Maintaining social media and other platforms for family/program communication
  • Attending one week of Kids Camp as a counselor
  • Helping run weekly midweek children’s programming
  • And other duties as assigned