Internship Program Details

The Basics

When:The Cape Cod Church summer internship program runs for ten weeks, starting Tuesday, May 31st and ending Monday, August 8th.  

Application Deadline:  Applications for consideration are due Monday, March 21st by 12pm and can be completed through our online form.

How to Apply:  Fill out online form HERE

Our Goal:  Encourage and equip the next generation of ministry leaders. Offer a unique experience of quality leadership coaching, discipleship, mentoring, and lots of opportunities to put lessons into practical use.

Summer Interns at Cape Cod Church can expect: 
  • Daily opportunities to work collaboratively with each other, other staff members, and volunteers.
  • Opportunities to utilize any AV/SFX, social media, and other tech skills they already have.
  • Rigorous leadership training and development. Access to and training from forward-thinking leaders and change agents in the marketplace (explore the Leadership Coaching page).
  • Multiple opportunities to experience the full breadth of what local church ministry entails.

Testimonials From Past Interns

The Details


Did you know that about 66% of young adults stop attending church after graduating from high school? At Cape Cod Church, we are trying to change that statistic. Our young adult ministry, Social Life, is committed to thinking creatively about how we engage the next generation, create pathways for lifelong spiritual development, and build the church of tomorrow.

If you feel called to pastoral service, spiritual discipleship, or college/campus ministry, this internship is for you. We serve adults ages 18-30. If you get excited about engaging people who are exploring faith for the very first time, you will find Cape Cod Church to be a particularly rewarding place!

As a Young Adult Intern, you will work closely with Pastoral Associate Brittany Feldott, with additional training from Spiritual Development Pastor Tom Maine. We are committed to working with interns to help you develop skills in whatever concentrations you are most interested in. Potential responsibilities include:

  • Leading and teaching in a young adult ‘small group’ setting
  • Writing weekly discussion notes based on the Sunday message
  • Hosting Sunday welcome receptions for young adults
  • Speaking on stage during Sunday services
  • Planning and promoting summer events for young adults
  • Developing sermon preparation and preaching skills*
  • Participating in our prayer ministry
  • Other duties as assigned


*Although Cape Cod Church does not offer a separate young adult ‘service,’ there are opportunities for Young Adult Interns to develop preaching skills in other settings, if interested (not required).


At Cape Cod Church we have a heart for investing in our youth. Our youth ministry, The LOFT, works to engage the next generation in ways that are relevant to their stage in life while establishing an ever deepening relationship with Jesus.

We serve young people in junior high through high school. If you are looking for a high energy, fast paced, Jesus driven and youth focused experience this summer, then this internship is for you! 

As a Youth Intern you will work closely with Pastor Alexa Franco. We are committed to working with our interns to help them develop skill in whatever concentrations they are most interested in. Potential responsibilities include:

  • Leading and teaching in The LOFT
  • Planning and promoting summer events for youth
  • Attending and participating in the leadership of summer camp
  • Discipleship opportunities
  • Developing sermon preparation and preaching skills
  • Speaking on stage during Sunday services
  • Other duties as assigned


Studies show that the most effective time to reach a person with the good news of Jesus Christ is when they are young; specifically, before they hit their teenage years. This is the age when we can have the most impact on affecting long term cultural change and developing good habits that can have positive effects that last a lifetime. A vibrant Kids Ministry is a vital aspect of Cape Cod Church.  

As the Kids Ministry Intern, you will work with both Park Director, Amy Gaudreault, and Kids Town Director, Leiko McSherry to gain hands on experience and see what it takes to run a thriving kids program.

Potential responsibilities include: 

  • Managing volunteers, communications, and scheduling
  • Helping to develop and execute Sunday programming
  • Program prep throughout the week
  • Maintaining social media and other platforms for family/program communication
  • Attending one week of Kids Camp as a counselor
  • Helping lead any extracurricular summer programming
  • And other duties as assigned  


In an increasingly digital world, communication through the arts is more important than ever. The last few years have reminded us just how vital social media and graphic design are for the future of the church: before a visitor ever walks into our building on a Sunday, they will encounter us online first. The story we tell, and the impression we make, is important!

If you have a passion for people and an interest in graphic design, social media, marketing, and/or photography/videography, this internship is for you! At Cape Cod Church, you will gain experience with multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), as well as other content platforms (YouTube, podcast). This internship requires some experience with Photoshop.

As a Creative Media Intern, you will work closely with Pastoral Associate Brittany Feldott. However, when it comes to design, we have a highly collaborative atmosphere! We are committed to working with interns to help you develop skills in whatever concentrations you are most interested in. Potential responsibilities include:

  • Photo/video capture (Sunday services, weekday programs, special events)
  • Curating message content for social media
  • Graphic design (message series, events, social media posts)
  • Copywriting for social media posts
  • Coordinating with a partner agency to develop content calendar
  • Data analytics 
  • Other duties as assigned

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Music helps connect the head and the heart. At Cape Cod Church, we are passionate about proclaiming the Gospel through song, and helping individuals experience God’s love more fully through worship. As a worship intern, you will have the opportunity to help fulfill that mission both at the planning and performance stages.

This intern will work side-by-side with Worship Pastor Alan Porter to prepare for our adult and youth services.

Potential responsibilities include:

  • Developing worship sets and leading practices with the Cape Cod Church worship band and singers
  • Creatively leveraging technology in our worship services (video, music, lighting)
  • Developing and leading a worship band for our youth group (The Loft)
  • Other duties as assigned


At its core, Cape Cod Church is a friendly and welcoming place, and that starts with our staff! Although we can appear to be a “big” church, we are a close-knit congregation. Church administration provides a bridge between the new visitor and the initial Cape Cod Church experience.  As a church administration intern, you will play a critical role in promoting one of our key staff values: “People-focused Innovation.”

Potential responsibilities include:

  • Professional front-line support to office administrator
  • Manage Welcome & Connect Desk Volunteer schedule
  • Assimilation tasks that welcome our new visitors
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Prepare documentation weekly for Sunday service
  • Helping organize special events
  • Managing and coordinating tasks for volunteers 
  • Updating database information
  • Other duties as assigned