Kids Town



What to Expect


  • Pre-Registration REQUIRED
  • Registration for up-coming Sunday goes live each Monday and link can be found right here>>



  • QR Code check in process upon arrival
  • Temperature check before entering
  • Masks mandatory
  • Each family will have designated check in number for check in and check out
  • In order to minimize the spread of germs, parents will not be allowed to enter Kids Town at any time. 
  • Check in will begin at 10 min before the service. 
  • Upon arrival, each child will sanitize their hands and then be assigned a seat (socially distanced) in our main auditorium.



  • Weather permitting, windows will remain open for the duration of the service for proper venting. Please dress accordingly! 
  • Children will have access to their own set of crayons, writing utensils, glue, etc.
  • Sanitizing stations will be set up around the area for anytime use. 



  • Parents will present family number (given at check in)
  • Child/ren will be called to dismissal door.
  • No parents allowed in Kids Town.
How To Connect

Connect with Miss Amy (The Park) or Miss Leiko (Kids Town) by sending email to

Kids Town @HOME ​

We believe being together matters.  Kids Town is (usually) a Sunday morning experience that allows parents to enjoy the adult service while their children encounter Jesus in a safe and engaging environment. 

We want to support your family as you continue to grow in your love for Jesus during this time. So despite challenging circumstances, we are coming up with new ways to connect and we are optimistic that you will find these engaging and helpful. 

How can my family engage with Kids Ministry during this season of COVID-19? The challenge is real! But not impossible:

  • Join Miss Amy and Miss Leiko immediately after service for a Post Service Wrap-Up aimed at families with young children.
  • Check out our Kids Ministry Facebook page.
  • Check your inbox! Our Kids Ministry Team uses email as a way to stay connected!
  • Email, text, and/or call to connect with our Kids Ministry Leaders.