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We believe being together matters.  Kids Town is (usually) a Sunday morning experience that allows parents to enjoy the adult service while their children encounter Jesus in a safe and engaging environment. 

We want to support your family as you continue to grow in your love for Jesus during this time. So despite challenging circumstances, we are coming up with new ways to connect and we are optimistic that you will find these engaging and helpful. 

How can my family engage with Kids Ministry during this season of COVID-19? The challenge is real! But not impossible:

  • Join Miss Amy and Miss Leiko immediately after service for a Post Service Wrap-Up aimed at families with young children.
  • Check out our Kids Ministry Facebook page.
  • Check your inbox! Our Kids Ministry Team uses email as a way to stay connected!
  • Email, text, and/or call to connect with our Kids Ministry Leaders.
How To Connect

Connect with Miss Amy (The Park) or Miss Leiko (Kids Town) by sending email to


CREATE Something New w/ Kids Min!

Join the Kids Min family as we journey through the next 3 weeks (4 Sundays) taking a look at how God desires to create something new in each of us. 

We will be using Isaiah 43:19 as our guiding verse.

“For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.  I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Check back weekly for a new set of activities and challenges. If you feel so inclined, join us on Facebook and share stories from your journey.

Week of January 18 -23


CREATE a Wellness Wheel

Watch this Wellness Webinar w/ Melissa Noonan. Then sit down with your kids and make your own wellness wheel. Putting it down on paper helps you be more intentional about addressing these areas in your life!

It may be hard to create a wellness wheel for young kids who don’t know what their emotional, physical and spiritual needs are. For our littles, you could have them draw a circle (or trace a circular shaped object) and then you (the parent) could fill in activities that promote emotional, physical, etc activities. Hang it on the refrigerator and have the child put a sticker on the wheel when you have done one of those activities! Here is an example of a wellness wheel for littles!


CREATE community

Using your wellness wheel from Monday’s activity, look at the Relational Health section and, using one of your ideas, reach out and connect with someone!

Play date! Join Miss Amy for a song, dance and story time via zoom!



CREATE a bible reading habit

Read about God’s preservation of the Israelites as they left Egypt. Exodus 13-14.

In the Jesus Storybook Bible (if you have one) read 3 chapters starting from page 84. You can also watch Miss Leiko read all 3 chapters on our Kids Min Facebook.

Read “The Day God Made You” by Rory Feek. Or one of your own about God creating each and everyone one of us special. 


CREATE a memorization habit

Help your child (and YOU) memorize our series theme verse from Isaiah 43:19.

Last week we started with the first sentence. Let’s work on the next part.

“See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?”

Help your littles memorize Isaiah 43:19 with motions. See (point to your eyes) I (point to yourself) have already begun (point to your wrist like you have a watch on)! Do you (point to your child) not (shake your finger back and forth) see it? (put your hand up to your forehead like you’re looking for something) 


CREATE a video

Send a video clip of your child/ren saying the first 2 sentences of the memory verse via text to Miss Leiko at 774-521-5915!

“For I am about to do something new.

See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?”

Send a video of your kid to Miss Amy or Miss Leiko (with your prompting if needed) saying the memory verse using the motions.


CREATE a prayer habit

Begin a Prayer List. This is when you actually write down, in bullet point format, names of people or situations that you are praying for.

At your bed time prayer pick a few things (family, extended family, friends) to pray for!

Week of January 11 - 16


CREATE “Obstacle or Evidence” chart.

During the week jot down notable things that happen, good and bad. Discuss how these incidents affect your attitude. Pray that God will use every circumstance for good!


CREATE community (for 4-5th grade)

Join Miss Leiko for a 30 minute Zoom-chat session. Topic = BEST day of my life!

Sign up HERE.

For younger children, you can do this around the dinner table, at bedtime, while taking a tub, etc.


CREATE a bible reading habit

Watch a reading of A New Way to See from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Story of Paul

Read Acts 26-28. It’s a great adventure story! Feel free to get creative in how you tell the story. Act it out. Draw it. Build a lego diorama!


CREATE a memorization habit

Help your child (and YOU) memorize our series theme verse from Isaiah 43:19. Start with the first sentence.

“For I am about to do something new.”


CREATE a video

Film your child saying the first sentence in their memory verse and send it via text to Miss Leiko at 774-521-5915


CREATE a prayer habit

Try using an acrostic like ACTS (ask, confess, thank, silence…or use your own words.)

Ask God (for strength, for a miracle, for healing, for a good day, etc),

Confess (mean thoughts, wrong words, poor decisions, etc),

Thank God (for His forgiveness, His love, His grace etc),

Silence (this is an opportunity to let the Holy Spirit speak for you and to you).