By Charissa K. Cheuk 

“Let go,” He says. “Let go.”
But my heart is stubborn, so I do not let go.
“What if it hurts?” I say.
“I know it will hurt,” He says.
“What if I fall?” I say louder.
“I know you will fall,” He says.
“But what if I can’t get up?
What if I can’t go on?
What if my heart breaks into a thousand pieces?”
“It’s all right; just let go.”
“No. I can’t. I want to, but I can’t.”
“Let go.”
“How? My heart will break. It is breaking already.”
“So it will break. Let go.”
“I can’t. It hurts.”
“Don’t you know, my child?
If you fall, I will pick you up.
If you can’t go on, I will carry you.
Don’t you know, my child? Don’t you know?
It is when it breaks that I can make you whole again.
It is when it breaks that I can pick out these broken pieces that are hurting you.
It is when it breaks that you can truly learn to love.
You can rise again.
You will rise again.
Let go.”