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CCC Small Groups - Connect, Grow and Serve!

“Last Fall, I joined a Cape Cod Church small group. The group very quickly became a very safe place. We met each week to discuss the message, share our struggles in our Christian walk, and process the challenges and pain that life often brings. I cannot describe the peace that entered that room each week. No one was judged or rushed to process their journey. Instead, we received acceptance, love, and prayer. Soon the peace within that room entered my heart and stayed there all week. The daily struggles no longer had the same emotional impact. And I grew in the knowledge of how deeply Our Lord loves me. Small group has been one of the very best gifts God has given me.” – Carla

Life and church are designed for connections – the chance to know and be known, to ‚Äúdo life together‚ÄĚ – and at Cape Cod Church we have dozens of Small Groups that give you a chance to do just that. ¬†CCC Small Groups are a great place to¬†Connect¬†with others in community,¬†Grow¬†spiritually, and¬†Serve¬†our church and our community together.

Our groups meet weekly in a variety of locations, both on campus at Cape Cod Church and in homes throughout the local communities.  Some of our groups meet year-round, with short breaks between Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer trimesters, while several take the summer off or relax their schedules a bit during the summer months.

COVID-19 restrictions will affect the availability and format of several of our Winter 2021 groups. Click the “WINTER 2021 SMALL GROUPS” button below to see the groups that are currently open to new members, then click on the individual group names for info about format, etc. (or click the “Email Leaders” button to connect with the group leader directly). When you’re ready to join a group, click on the “SMALL GROUP SIGNUP FORM” button to register. Thanks!

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New For Winter 2021 - Blended Families Small Group!

Many of the families that call Cape Cod Church home are what’s known as¬†blended families¬†– that is, they’re made up of a mom and a dad who parent children and step-children from previous marriages or relationships (as well as, possibly, children they’ve had together). You might even be parenting in a blended family yourself – if so, we want to offer some help!

In recognition of the unique challenges that parenting in blended families present, a new small-group experience will be offered this winter.  Using the 8-session Smart Stepfamilies curriculum from blended family expert Ron L. Deal, this new group will seek to empower blended-family couples (married or engaged) to successfully navigate the challenges of stepfamily life.

The new group will be led by Rebecca and Greg Hopwood and began on Tuesday, February 9th (Note: the group has begun meeting, but it’s not too late to join before the next meeting on 2/23!).¬† It will be held virtually (on Zoom)¬†every other¬†Tuesday¬†evening for 16 weeks from 7-8:30. If you’re interested in checking it out, just sign up by clicking on the “Small Group Signup Form” button above (group #MX-16) or in-person at the Connect Desk on Sunday.¬†¬†

Questions?  Just call the church office at 508-540-6884 or email