Young Adults


Social Life is the young adult ministry of Cape Cod Church, designed for people ages 18-30. We want to create:

  • Engaging spaces for spiritual growth and exploration
  • Meaningful social activities that deepen relationships
  • Opportunities to better the world together, and
  • Programs that serve the particular needs of our generation!

In other words, we’re here to help you find a full life. Let’s reimagine what a thriving ‘social life’ looks like!


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Upcoming Events


Planet 2

Talks: Planetary Health | Sunday, December 6 | 7- 8:30pm | Register HERE

We know that planetary health is one of the primary global issues facing the next generation. At times, that can feel daunting: is there anything we can do to make a difference?! At Social Life, we believe there is—and we want to help you engage in real solutions.

Join us on Sunday, December 6th, in person or online for “Ensuring a Healthier Future on a Changing Planet.” Doors open at 6:45. This talk will be followed by Q&A, guided breakout discussions, and refreshments. Register above to reserve your seat, or receive livestream access.

Talk Description: What should it mean to us that wildlife extinctions are accelerating, that freshwater sources are increasingly polluted, and that the last five years have been the earth’s warmest on record? Dr. Amalia Aruda Almada (PhD, MIT/WHOI) will lead a conversation about why global environmental changes like these threaten human health, why planetary health impacts hit the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities the hardest, and what actions we—as individuals and faith communities—can take to create a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Happiest with salty hair and sand between her toes, Dr. Amalia Aruda Almada is a WHOI trained oceanographer who has dedicated her career to protecting the health of oceans and those who depend on them—which is all of us. A strategist, researcher, policy wonk, and proud member of the Cape Cod Church family, Amalia is passionate about empowering individuals to address our planetary health challenges. 


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This Fall we’re offering a new small group for young adults, open to anyone ages 18-30! We’re delving into a study from the Bible Project, a group of creatives and theologians who combine thoughtful research with engaging media and artwork. We’ll be exploring their ‘Church at Home‘ series, a weekly study that reflects on current events and connects it to our personal lives. Each week includes a video, 5-minute audio message, Scripture to read, and questions for discussion – something for all learning types! Our first meeting is Monday, September 21.

Interested in joining us from college? An online option is available!