A farmer who owned a small farm was working in his barn putting up hay for the winter. After several long hours of hard work he went out in the barnyard for a break. It was then that he realized his pocket watch was missing. As pocket watches go it was not very valuable but it had sentimental value because it had been handed down to him by his father. Back into the barn he went to look through the hay but he couldn’t come up with his pocket watch.

It was mentioned that the farm was a small one and as such the barn and barnyard weren’t very far from the property line. On the other side of the property line was a grade school and the kids were at recess. There was a group of them playing near the property line, all whom were acquainted with the farmer. The farmer decided to ask them to come over and help him look. Into the barn they went and after searching the hay and playing in it some, they came out of the barn unsuccessful. One of the boys who had just helped in the search asked the farmer, “Can I go back into the barn and look by myself? The farmer thought, “How can he accomplish what all of us together couldn’t accomplish. Oh well, why not, what can it hurt?”

So, into the barn went the boy and five minutes later out he came with watch in hand. The farmer was delighted but quite surprised. The farmer said to him, “How in the world did you find the watch by yourself when all of us together couldn’t find it? The little boy said, “Well, when I went inside the barn and shut the door, I realized that it was very quiet. So, I just sat down, sat very still, and listened. After a while I got used to the quiet and began to hear a ticking sound. I just kept slowly moving closer, and closer to the ticking sound and then there it was in the hay.

Being quiet, still, in tune, and aware are the take-aways from the story we need. These kind of things are important contributors to spiritual development but life is filled with so much that militates against them. God has so much he wants us to gain from him but we are so busy racing about and racing within that we miss him. God says in his Word, “Be still and know that I am God.” We must shut the door on the world and seek to be quiet before God. And then the more we succeed at being still the more we become in tune and aware. In this way we are able to know and experience God’s presence and he is able to bring to us his comfort, encouragement, strength, guidance, etc.