The Park (Birth - 4 Years)

The Park at HOME (during COVID-19) 

We want to continue to partner together now even more during this season.  We have provided an email each week called “the Sunday Experience” loaded with many resources that families can do from your home. We also have a newly created Facebook page (Cape Cod Church Children’s Ministry) packed full of resources and ideas to get your family involved in the Bible lesson throughout the week.

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WHEN: Wed, March 31st 7am – Sat, April 3rd 7pm

WHERE: Barnstable, Bourne, Sandwich, Mashpee, and Falmouth

HOW: Download this app onto your mobile device and register to play!

WHAT: Anyone can play! Your family is your “team”. Invite your friends! Candy & prizes! 


  • Down load the GooseChase App, TO YOUR MOBILE DEVICE, and use M4M69E to register to play. 
  • Game goes live at 7am on Wed, March 31st. You/your team has 4 days to find as many “eggs”  (laminated, decorated pieces of art!) and complete as many missions as you want. 
  • Points are earned. Bonus points will help you stay in the lead! 
  • 3 GRAND PRIZE winners (Grand Prizes will go to families with children 12 and under) and everyone goes home with a big bag o’ candy!
  • Prizes can be picked up on Easter Sunday between 9am – 12pm at Cape Cod Church. 


Join us for a 60-Day Journey

For the next 60 days we will be traveling through the letters found in the New Testament. Most of these letters are directly attributed to the apostle Paul. They were written as he traveled from new church plant to new church plant with the purpose of encouraging, instructing, and correcting. 

Although these letters were written to churches almost 2000 years ago, the truths found in them remain as true and relevant to churches today. As we wade through cultural changes and timeless truths, we hope this journey will refresh and renew your love for the church and remind you that your identity is found in Christ.

Remember, we are just passing through on our way to a far, far better place than we have ever known.

Letters from John


Read 1 John 4:6-12. If you are feeling ambitious, go ahead and read 1 John chapter 1 as well.


This week-
  • As we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, spend this week reading about the last week of Jesus’ life here on earth.
  • Print out and color this Palm Sunday coloring page
  • Take a look at some images of what Jerusalem looks like now.


Start a conversation.
  • Ask the young people in your life to tell you the story of Easter.
  • Why do you think it was necessary for Jesus to die for our sins?
  • What is the good news of Easter?
  • How does Jesus set us free? And free from what?
  • email Miss Leiko and Miss Amy and tell them about your conversations!