Tuesday – Communion with God and Our Waiting on Him

Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You I wait all the day. Psalm 25:5

Today’s thoughts from today’s verse:

Prayer is our relationship with God. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Apostle Paul says that we should, “Pray without ceasing.” In addition to the kind of praying where we stop, fully focus on God, and become deeply engaged in communion with him, there is an “on the go” kind of praying. The Psalmist in today’s Scripture, says to God, “for You I wait all the day.” Being alone with God in concentrated prayer is not something we can do all day. But, we can “wait all the day” on God. “Waiting on God” is “on the go” praying. “Waiting on God” is maintaining an “attitude of prayer.” 

Maintaining an attitude of prayer is something we can do all day long. It involves having an ongoing sense of God’s presence and a confidence that he is always at work leading the way and unfolding the life he as for us. This was the Psalmist’s approach to life and it is reflected in his words, “Lead me in Your truth and teach me.” If you are one who joins the Psalmist and says to God, “You are the God of my salvation, you must also join him in saying to God, “for you I wait all the day.” Truly prayer is our relationship with God.  

Today’s prayer response from today’s thoughts:

Lord, “lead me in your truth and teach me” in regard to having and maintaining a constant “attitude of prayer.” Guard me from running ahead of you and without you. May it be that today I truly “wait for you all the day.” Amen!