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A Summer Lyrics Series

Insiders and outsiders…it’s an old story—as old as time it turns out. Active in us is a desire to define the world by in and out, us and them.

The story of Jesus arcs from insider to outsider and it’s no accident.  From tax collectors, to outcast women, to Samaritans…Jesus is drawn to outsiders.  There is a story there and it shows us why following Jesus is so difficult and why it can lead to pockets of beauty in a broken world.

Join us this month as we talk about Jesus and the Samaritans.


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A group for everyone

For Everyone

Our groups meet weekly in a variety of locations, both on campus at Cape Cod Church and in homes throughout the local communities.  Some of our groups meet year-round others take the summer off.

For Youth

Our teen ministry focuses on helping Jr. & Sr. High students live fully for God! We meet every Tuesday for worship games, food and prizes.

For Young Adults

The young adult ministry of Cape Cod Church, is designed for people ages 18-30. We’re here to help you find a full life. Let’s reimagine what a thriving ‘social life’ looks like!

For 30+ Singles

We recognize that singleness is a gift, and as a church we want to create thriving spaces for people of all stages and situations in life.

For Those On Nantucket

Cape Cod Church is coming to Nantucket! Build community right where you are and see how God can use you to impact the lives of the people around you.

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Looking for encouragement? More of an audible learner? Spend time with us and listen to our new podcast for fresh conversations on just about anything in life!

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Don’t miss out on any sermon or series. All of our sermons are recorded and published online. Check out our Youtube Channel and start watching!


Early Career Panel  |  July 21, 6:30 – 9PM  

Wednesday, July 21st from 6:30 – 9PM our Young Adult group, Social Life, will be hosting a panel discussion for our young adults aged 18 – 30ish. 

Packed with professional advice and stories of life lessons, this panel discussion has been designed to help our young adults navigate early career decisions.

Check out the Social Life webpage for more info.


Softball Season is underway! | Fridays | 6:15 – 7:30/8pm 

This year we are supporting two teams : Red and Blue. Come out and support your church! These are fun, family events. Pack a picnic dinner and join us on Friday evenings throughout the summer.

Click here to see a calendar of games.

Here for Blue Schedule and locations.

Here for Red Schedule and locations.

Summer Groups | Wednesdays | 7-9pm | Register HERE

This summer we’re offering multiple small groups for young adults (18-30ish), on one big night! Join us every Wednesday in the LOFT, starting June 9, for a large group hangout (7-7:30pm) and small group gatherings (7:30-9pm).

Even if you’re just here for the summer, we want to make sure you can make real connections. Sign up here by writing in ‘Social Life Summer.’

Social Life Perk

Social Life Perk | Sundays | 8:30-9am 

A special perk for our young adults: grab a free cold brew and breakfast on the second floor before the 9am service, every Sunday starting June 6! Meet up with friends before heading in to worship :)

Just stop by: look for the balloons!

Live Fully Camps | July 26 – Aug 6 | More info HERE

Summer Camps are back! These camps run for about an hour each weekday evening from July 26th through August 6th. For kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.

To find out more click here.

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