In-Person Services Starting Sunday, June 28!
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In-Person Services

In-Person Services Relaunching Sunday, June 28!

Dear Cape Cod Church,

We’ve got some news...

On Sunday, June 28, we will be opening our building for Sunday services. We are gearing up to worship and connect in-person again! I can hear your voices bouncing off the walls already.

We hope you’re excited; we are too. 

After carefully evaluating the opening of other institutions, tracking the local decline of COVID-19 cases, and watching Massachusetts move successfully into Phase 2, we believe that we can safely worship together in person without putting our church family or community at risk. We are proceeding cautiously by choosing to relaunch a few weeks into Phase 2, while our communities adjust to new guidelines. Throughout this process we have attempted to make informed decisions that prioritize the safety of our community, and will continue to act out of an abundance of love for our neighbors.

We recognize that many of you, particularly those who are vulnerable to illness, will choose to join Cape Cod Church online from the safety of your homes for some time into the future. That’s great, and we’re planning to maintain a robust online service for you! In fact, we don’t see that going away—if anything, we’re going to continue improving it. You are just as much a part of this community from the safety of your home, and we are keeping you in prayer.

At the same time, for those that choose to join us in person, things will not look exactly the same. We are taking maximum safety precautions—in line with state guidelines—to responsibly prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can read more about those here to get a sense of what to expect. 

Building capacity is limited by the guidelines, so we’ll soon be launching a Sunday morning registration system to help ensure comfortable social distancing and take full advantage of available seating. We plan to start with one service at 9am, and expand as people start returning. And for now, we aren’t allowed to offer Park or Kids Town programs on Sunday mornings.

So, if you feel safe and able, put down June 28 in your calendar! Registration will open on Monday, June 22.

We really cannot wait to see you in person.

Live Fully,

Pastor Ben

P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about LOFT and Young Adult summer programming!