Summer 2018

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God is at work on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and we want to give you a front row seat to that work! Our goal in launching the Cape Cod Church Summer Internship Program is to invest in the next generation of church leaders, who will in turn "Inspire people to Live Fully for God" on Cape Cod and around the world.

This 10-week paid internship program is designed to provide you with the professional and practical experience necessary to succeed in ministry, as well as grow you spiritually. Plus, our staff likes to have fun, and we hope you’ll enjoy the summer too!


As an intern you’ll gain hands-on experience in a selected area of ministry based on your unique gifts, working directly with a staff department director. Interns will be expected to work 30 hours per week, and will be paid $11/ hour. 


Collectively, interns will also participate in weekly leadership coaching sessions with Senior Pastor Ben Feldott and select ministry and marketplace leaders, to widen your perspective on ministry and further develop your leadership skills.


Outside of ministry training, interns are also invited to participate in a weekly small group with one another. This will give you the opportunity to dive deeper, discuss your personal faith, and grow together as you discern God’s calling in your life.


Cape Cod is a world-renowned destination, and we want to help you experience this busy and beautiful region during your stay! Interns will have the opportunity to explore the Cape through a few organized excursions over the summer. Activities may include day trips to local beaches, dinner (and ice cream) outings, and a trip to the nearby city of Boston.

Over the course of the summer, interns will work closely with Internship Coordinator Brittany Feldott to shape programming that best develops their gifts and serves the mission of the church in all four of these areas.

Interested in joining our team? Learn more about our available ministry areas here.

Have questions about internship opportunities at Cape Cod Church? 

Contact Internship Coordinator Brittany Feldott at or call us at 508-540-6884